DIY Recipe Cocktail Napkins

It’s no secret, ’round these parts, how much I love me an Old Fashioned Cocktail, and gosh darn it! I like spreading the word about them too. I think what I love most about old fashioneds is that they’re a no muss, no fuss cocktail that are a cinch (more…)

Skull Vase DIY | Francois et Moi

Simple Skull Vase

How far before Holidays do you typically decorate? For me it totally depends on the Holiday. For Christmas, it’s a month-long extravaganza, but for Halloween, it’s much less (more…)


DIY House-Shaped Clipboards

Ken and I recently saw a couple at the grocery store with their shopping¬†list clipped to a mini clipboard, checking off items and making notes on the list as they (more…)

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