2 Years Wed


“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is to love and be loved in return. [Unforgettable]” – Nat King Cole

2 years. And oh have they flown. Happy 2nd anniversary to KenFrancois, my partner, my rock, my comic relief, and my love in this crazy life. Cheers to relishing each moment together!


Ken’s Suit: Banana Republic

Gingham Tie: Ben Sherman

My Dress: Custom

Photography by Eric Lundren.

A Long Distance Housewarming

Happy Friday to you! Today I’m sharing a few tips and ideas for putting together a long distance housewarming care package. My sister, Sarah, just wrapped up her PhD in Conservation Ecology at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City and accepted a post-doc position with the University of South Florida. So last week she packed everything she owned into her Toyota Rav-4, and road-tripped her way down to Tampa Bay. Talk about a big life moment! Continue reading

Introducing Kinfolk Apparel: Ouur


With a focus on natural fibers, dry textures, and simple yet refined silhouettes, Kinfolk Magazine (my new favorite read) is making their first debut into the world of apparel and home goods later this year, with Ouur. And from what I’ve seen so far, I’m really quite excited. I mean, the Peter Pan Linen dress is just beyond! Continue reading

Seize the Summer: Drive-in Movies


When Ken suggested we go to a drive-in movie last Friday night, my initial thought was no short of nostalgic. What lept to mind were rows of Cadillacs, girls in poodle skirts with dainty scarves adorning their pony tails, silhouetted soda-pop bottles and buttered popcorn for days. My second thought was, ‘Do we even have one around here?’ The last time I’d heard anything about a drive-in movie theater was a few years ago when many of them seemed to be closing their doors: a by-gone chapter in America’s history it had seemed.  Continue reading