F&M for Homedit.com: Saw Horse Craft Table


homedit.com saw horse craft table diy

Happy Tuesday! Does it feel like Thursday to anyone else? Gotta love short weeks! Recently I built a craft table (in under an hour!) for our new place using saw horses and a pre-made tabletop from Ikea. No more laying out projects on the floor–Woo Hoo!  Pop on over to Homedit.com for more images and details on how it came together!

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DIY Pourover Coffee Stand


Thanks to the genius craft of a new favorite pourover coffeeshop in our neighborhood, I’ve been converted into a believer–a pourover coffee believer, that is. As Serious Eats so eloquently explains it, “[Pourover coffee] can hold myriad subtle and fanciful flavors that can get lost in the sludge of a French press, (more…)

Natural Holiday Decor Ideas


Alright, I know we haven’t reached Thanksgiving yet, but after our snowstorm earlier this week (and more snow on the way), I’ve been in the mood to begin preparing for the Holidays. You know that saying “The best designs are often the simplest?” Well in my opinion, Holiday decor is no exception. (more…)

Top 5 F&M Handmade Gift Ideas From 2014

holiday gift round up 2014Now’s a great time to start gathering ideas if you plan to make some of your Holiday gifts this year for family and friends. I know it seems early, but getting a head start will help keep you sane when the Holiday party invites start rollin’ in, and your ‘to do’ list is a mile long.


DIY Striped Drink Perch


The 2nd project in my small space DIY series is a graphic sofa drink perch. (See the 1st project, Gilded Bedside Sconces, here!) As I’ve mentioned before, we recently moved into a 628 square foot apartment in our ideal Downtown Minneapolis neighborhood. (more…)

Instagram Lately: October

francois et moi instagram october

Can you believe November is here already?! Between moving, settling in, and breaking in our new home with family and friends, October came and went faster than a blink of an eye. It’s all good fun though. We’re pumped to be settled and exploring our new ‘hood! Here’s what our month looked like through the Instagram lens: (more…)

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