Culinary Lavender Sea Salt


Lavender is my fave. I love the aroma and flavor, and try to sneak it into just about everything, both in the kitchen and DIY projects whenever possible. So I’m surprised (and a bit disappointed in myself!) that it never dawned on me to make lavender sea salt. I’m not talking about lavender bath salts (which are also lovely); I’m talking the edible kind that adds that je ne sais quoi when sprinkled on anything from homemade pot de creme to crackers to rimmed grapefruit margarita glasses.

Fellow blogger, Nina Graham of Frippery and Curiosities, opened my eyes to it when she mentioned that my homemade herb cracker recipe was a great way to put her lavender sea salt to good use. Of course, I heard the words lavender and sea salt and knew I needed to get my hands on some! Continue reading

A Fitger’s Affair


This past weekend Ken and I stopped in at Fitger’s while in Duluth for an obligatory (ha!) growler exchange at the Brewhouse. (Have you tried their Apricot Wheat Beer? It’s crazy good.) On our way out of the complex, we passed through the courtyard where we held our wedding reception 2 years prior and saw there was another wedding reception underway that evening. It brought back such fun memories of that night, so I thought I’d post a few photos and share our experience in case anyone is considering tying the knot in Duluth. Continue reading

5 Ideas for Throwing an Al Fresco Dinner Party

Summer is fleeting us. And it’s about this time every summer that I start to freak out a little. Fall is just around the corner, yet it feels like summer just got here, and it becomes painfully clear there are tons of things I still want to do before it turns cold. Anyone else feel the same?

Relishing summer nights with good friends over good food is one of those things I can never quite get enough of. So I thought I’d share a few ideas and inspiration to throw one last al fresco dinner party this summer, whether it’s in your backyard or a pop up party in a park. Let’s make the most of these last few weeks. Cheers! Continue reading

Urban Digs


Happy Friday to you! As I mentioned earlier this month, Ken and I have begun the exciting, but laborious process of house hunting, and while we have begun looking, we’re nowhere near closing on a home. So when we received the notice that our apartment lease was coming up for renewal, instead of signing another lease, as we’ve done the last 4 years, we decided it might be fun to move a bit closer to the action and spend a year relishing our great metropolis in the Minneapolis North Loop. And all the while continuing the house hunt. We both agreed the process of buying a home takes time, and we didn’t want to rush into anything.

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Truffle, Egg & Kale Pizza


I recently indulged in a similar version of this pizza at a neighborhood restaurant in Minneapolis, and it’s safe to say it stuck with me. I couldn’t get it out of my head! So I decided to try and re-create it home. I’m guessing you’re probably thinking: “Um, Erin? Excuse me, but these ingredients don’t go together, much less on a pizza.” Hear me out though and give this one a try. Continue reading

Travel Files: Salt House Inn


Whenever I think of ‘getting away’ my mind subconsciously leaps across the globe to foreign far away places . And while I’d love to get to every continent at least once, I sometimes forget how many fantastic vacation destinations and diverse cultural experiences there are to be had right here in the good ol’ U. S. of A. I came across the Salt House Inn in my most recent Travel and Leisure Mag, and was super inspired by their clean, coastal aesthetic, and the curiosity clusters carefully curated (say that 5 times fast!) above each guest bed. Love.

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Fabric Dyeing with Mulberries

unnamed (1)

I spend my work days discussing all facets of fabric including performance, construction, aesthetic, dye methods, etc., but rarely am I involved in the physical process of creating or dyeing fabric. A few weekends ago while on a walk around the preserve near our place, Ken and I came across a flourishing mulberry patch, and I got the idea to try my hand at fabric dyeing at home using our foraged mulberries. I didn’t know much about how to actually create the dyes using natural dye stuffs, so I called on the experience of Sweet Paul and Burda. The process is super simple, and the end result is beautiful!

I also experimented with shooting the fabrics in low light for moodier shots. My first foray, and I love how they turned out! Continue reading