Instagram Lately.


I love the visual patchwork that Instagram profiles create through moments in our daily lives. Instagram makes it so easy to take beautiful, moody photos that even pictures snapped on the fly look like works of art, and the visual texture they create when they all come together in our profiles is such an unexpected delight! Here are some of my recent moments: Continue reading

Oeufs en Cocotte with Fresh Herbs + Goat Cheese


This weekend we made oeufs en cocotte, or baked eggs, for breakfast: an easy (and pretty) thing to make on the fly as you roll out of bed on a Saturday morning.  The ingredients are fresh and simple: eggs, milk (or cream!), goat cheese, and herbs cut from the garden. You’ll notice salt isn’t on the list of ingredients, and that’s intentional. These fresh, whole ingredients don’t need the extra boost!

The yolks in this traditional french dish are typically runny, but we prefer to cook them a few minutes longer until just past the runny stage. Either way, this delicious and easy petit déjeuner will help you start the weekend off right!

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