Big Sur Travel Guide: Eat + Stay + Do

Big Sur, California is a place like no other, and I’d highly recommend spending a few nights in the area if you’re making the PCH roadtrip or just need a getaway. It’s a small, welcoming community sprinkled along Highway 1 with a good (more…)

big sur

Big Sur Style

Somehow the first half of June has snuck by us, and Ken and I are already hopping a plane to Big Sur on Saturday. Whoa. #wherehasjunegone !? I’m feeling a little unprepared so I’ve been doing a bunch of research on what to pack. (more…)


DIY Prismatic Magnets (Video)

I’m pumped today (to say the least) to share my first ever stop motion video! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at one for a few months now, because I think they’re downright fun (more…)


5 DIY’s to Try // No. 15

Ahhh….summer, glorious summer. The sun-filled season us Northerners wait year round for is finally here, so let the good times roll with these 5 fun things to try in June. Happy summering to you and yours! (more…)


Timber Side Table DIY

I recently heard that studies show renters (though it’s a must have on their checklist) don’t actually use their unit balconies, which surprised me because Ken and I have always used the heck out of the balcony in all the places we’ve (more…)


Inkdot Instagram Art

It was a sad Thursday last November when my laptop decided it was the end of the road and crashed, taking with it about 6 years of travel photos, most of which my (more…)


Maker’s Spotlight // No. 2

Hope you had a great long weekend! I’m excited to share an amazing round-up of makers this week in the 2nd ever Maker’s Spotlight! From screen-printed soft goods to hand-painted ceramics–there’s a whole lotta (more…)


Spring Style in the Loop

Typically you’ll find me behind the lens, rather than in front of it, but every once in awhile it’s fun to mix up the handmade posts with a lifestyle one here and there. I LOVE making things, but now that the weather is warming up, I just want to get (more…)


Dancing Mannequin Magnets

After a bit of radio silence during a non-stop busy week, I’m back today to #1) wish you a Happy Friday! YAY! And #2) share a fun interactive mannequin magnet project using mini artist’s mannequins from the art store (more…)


DIY Hand Sculpture

Okay you guys, I have a SUPER simple DIY on the books for today. It’s so simple I’m not even sure we can call this a tutorial, so we won’t. It’s more like a repurposing of sorts–but anywho! I’m loving the hand sculpture home accessories we’re seeing (more…)


5 DIYs to Try // No. 14

Hey Guys and Happy Monday! The apple and cherry blossoms were all abloom this weekend in the North Loop and the scent was incredible, not to mention stunning! So this week’s 5 DIYs to try are very much Spring inspired–plus 2 ideas for Mother’s Day at (more…)


DIY Patio Serving Tray

Hello Hump Day! The weather in Minneapolis has been sunny, warm and downright fantastico so far this week, so naturally it’s not hard to be in a good mood. Today I’m sharing this super fun (more…)

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