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Concrete & Brass Trays

I love making things, period. But every so often, a project like these Concrete & Brass Trays come along and gets me extra, uber excited. These projects usually involve trying a new technique + the project actually turning out! And as a maker, can you really ask for more than that?! Continue Reading →

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DIY Snowball Pillow

Ah, behold the latent design power of the throw pillow. AKA soft little squares (or in this case, circles) of goodness that can single-handedly change the feeling or direction of a room, spark conversation, or soften an otherwise uninviting chair or nook. Yes folks, they’re magic when it comes to interior decor which is why they’re the easy answer to updating your space just enough to cure the restless, “I’m sick of my house” cabin fever that inevitably sets in this time of year.

Switch up your throw pillows with this easy DIY snowball pillow. Click for the tutorial! Continue Reading →

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Good Reminder DIY Notebook Cover

‘Tis that time of year when we’re busy making resolutions for the new year in an effort to make 2017 the best one yet. Did you guys make any goals? One of the things I really want to accomplish is being more present and less plugged into my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a blogger, so emailing, Instagramming, Pinteresting, & Tweeting very much come with the territory. But with our first baby arriving in weeks, I want to make sure I can find a manageable balance between the two.

Add an inspiring phrase to your everyday notebook cover to help you achieve your new year resolution. Click for all the details! Continue Reading →


DIY Candles for that Impossible to Buy for Person

We all have peeps on our Christmas list that are HARD to buy for. Whether it’s because you only know them professionally, & not personally like teachers and secret santa co-workers, or perhaps your giftee tells you that just being together on Christmas is enough, but you know you can’t actually show up empty handed. When I’m stumped on what to get for someone, I often turn to candles. They’re beautiful, useful, you can make them right in your kitchen.

Melt up a bunch of these essential oil DIY candles for Holiday gifting this year! Click for all the deets!    Continue Reading →


DIY Glam Camera Strap

Ken and I recently took a little babymoon to Boston and Nantucket in early October. While we were there I was lugging my camera from place to place either carrying it by hand (so it was convenient to snap a photo) or in my saddle purse, and I came to the realization that I needed a camera strap. Badly. Why the heck had I never gotten one?! They make life so much easier, whether I’m on a trip or at home snapping photos for a blog post. So when we got home, I set out to make one.

Need a camera strap? We hear you. Check out this glam camera strap tutorial. Click for full details! Continue Reading →

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DIY Mid Mod Planter

Despite concerted efforts at cultivating a green thumb, I’ve never quite been able to unlock the mystery of houseplants.  So thank goodness I married a man with an innate (rugged, but nurturing) ability to keep plants green. Though I may not get a gold star in raising plants, I do quite love scheming up cool ways to house the plants my husband grows. Most recently, I DIY’ed a mid mod planter for a mini-palm that was sitting homeless in our living room. And it was as simple as stacking two Target bowls on top of one another (and adhering them together of course!).

Create this mid mod planter with just two stacked Target bowls. Get all the deets here! Create this mid mod planter with just two stacked Target bowls. Get all the deets here!

I LOVE this planter for it’s Mid Century simplicity, and the modern platform it creates for the mini palm! The two bowls I used were this one & this one . Hop over to Sugar & Cloth for the full tutorial!

And don’t forget to pin this project for later!

  Create this mid mod planter with just two stacked Target bowls. Get all the deets here! Create this mid mod planter with just two stacked Target bowls. Get all the deets here!

 Dig this DIY and want more? Check out all my Sugar & Cloth contributor projects here!


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