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DIY Snowball Pillow

Ah, behold the latent design power of the throw pillow. AKA soft little squares (or in this case, circles) of goodness that can single-handedly change the feeling or direction of a room, spark conversation, or soften an otherwise uninviting chair or nook. Yes folks, they’re magic when it comes to interior decor which is why they’re the easy answer to updating your space just enough to cure the restless, “I’m sick of my house” cabin fever that inevitably sets in this time of year.

Switch up your throw pillows with this easy DIY snowball pillow. Click for the tutorial! Continue Reading →

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Good Reminder DIY Notebook Cover

‘Tis that time of year when we’re busy making resolutions for the new year in an effort to make 2017 the best one yet. Did you guys make any goals? One of the things I really want to accomplish is being more present and less plugged into my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a blogger, so emailing, Instagramming, Pinteresting, & Tweeting very much come with the territory. But with our first baby arriving in weeks, I want to make sure I can find a manageable balance between the two.

Add an inspiring phrase to your everyday notebook cover to help you achieve your new year resolution. Click for all the details! Continue Reading →

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Francois Renovates: Wrath of the Nursery Ice Dams

Good Afternoon! I’m back with an update on what’s been happening in the nursery. As you know, we suspected some water damage on the west wall due to decades of ice dams, and as we pulled back the lath and plaster, we found some extremely rotted, uninsulated 2×4’s that needed replacing. However, no moisture or signs of mold as there was also a little hole in the exterior plaster that we’re assuming allowed everything to dry over the years. The plan was to replace the wall’s 2×4’s, insulate and dry wall, but before we could get started, we had to address the drooping ceiling crest.

Check in on Part 3 of our 6 week nursery design project. This week we're addressing decades old ice dams. Click to see how we fixed the issue. Continue Reading →

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Francois Renovates: The Nursery Before

As you guys know, we have a little girl on the way arriving next month, and after adding a Murphy bed to our office to accommodate guests, we’re ready to tackle the ol’ beige guest room, and turn it into a nursery!

The “Before” of the room is pretty innocuous, but it’s also pretty boring. Just like the entire rest of the house, this room was painted beige too. I’m not kidding, from the kitchen to the bath to the living room to the bedrooms. EVERY room was painted the same color beige. Above is a picture of the room from the For Sale listing and you can see even the hallway was beige. No real complaints here though, beige is easier to cover up than say deep royal purple!

We're kicking off our nursery redesign with before photos of the former guest room. Come see beige overload! Continue Reading →


How to Tie the Perfect Ribbon Gift Bow (Video!)


I'm sharing the secret to making poufy ribbon gift bows for gifts, and it's easier than you think!

In case you guys are wrapping up gifts this week, I wanted to share this fancy, but deceptively easy bow trick I picked up as a 16-year-old while working at a candy shop making gift baskets around the Holidays. (My second job ever!) I still remember the day I learned this. It was such an a-ha! moment, and I thought to myself ‘OHHHH so that’s how they do it! Weird thoughts for a teenager? Probably.  What can I say though except: different strokes. Continue Reading →

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8 Ways to Prepare Your Guest Room for Holiday Hosting

Do you guys have people coming to stay for the Holidays? My sister was in town the first week of December celebrating for the Holidays, so we had our guest space in good working order a bit earlier than usual. With the Holidays approaching at lightning speed (seems like anyways!) I thought I’d share some of the things we kept in mind while preparing the room for her arrival, just in case you have people coming to stay too!

If you're expecting company, you'll want to check out our tips to prepare your guest room. Click for the full run-down! Continue Reading →

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