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On a Whim

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Have you ever, on a whim, bid on something on eBay or at a silent auction thinking, “Why not? I’ll probably be outbid anyway”?

So have we, only we weren’t outbid. It all started last August when we flew out to Salt Lake City to visit my sister, Sarah, who’s wrapping up her PhD at the University of Utah. While browsing antique and vintage shops on 300th Street, Ken and I came across a killer 6′ wood plane propeller in a tiny mom and pop vintage shop. Ken has always been fascinated by flying and has gradually been logging flight hours over the past 10 years towards a private pilots license. Needless to say, the propeller caught his eye and we seriously considered buying it, but had no idea how we’d get it back to Minneapolis, so we ended up passing on it. Continue Reading →

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A 20-Something’s First Apartment in Brooklyn Heights


I came across this sweet Brooklyn Heights brownstone apartment on a few years ago, and was immediately drawn in by the interesting mix of old and new and the balance of neutrals with colorful accents. I had pinned this space for inspiration a while ago, and came across it again when I was bumming around on Pinterest recently. Though this space was shot in 2010, I still love it, and I think it’s in part to the use of classic pieces and timeless styling. The space feels curated and thoughtful, each piece having a story behind it. I love the use of flea market finds, classic investment pieces, and inexpensive off-the-shelf accents to create a budget-friendly, bright and timeless space that will grow with the homeowner. Continue Reading →

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The Blooming Paperwhite

When I put together the DIY Paperwhite Bulb Kits over the Holidays, (see that post here) I picked up an extra one for myself and planted the bulb around the same time. The bulb took just over two weeks of full sunlight and daily watering to finally sprout through the soil, but when it did, I was surprised and fascinated at how quickly it shot up! Every morning when I woke up, I took a shot of the plant, and after ten days, it was fun to put the photos side by side and see the transformation. Towards the end you could really see some major changes from day to day!


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Simply a Wonderful Christmas Time


Happy Christmas Eve! Can you believe it’s upon us? Since we headed out of town to spend the Holidays with family, Ken and I celebrated with one another at home last Saturday morning. After exchanging gifts, we decided to take some pictures as a way to document our 2nd Christmas together as a married couple. Continue Reading →

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Aromatic Lavender Sachets


For my wedding showers a few years ago, my mom had the genius idea of making lavender eye pillows as favors for guests to take home with them. There were a few leftover after the shower, so I took an extra one home and tucked it in my “unmentionables” drawer as a sachet and loved the subtle lavender scent it brought to our bedroom, so I decided to take a cue from my mom and sew up some sachets (which are about 1/2 the size of eye pillows), as stocking stuffers this year. Theses little bundles come together pretty quickly (I made three in an evening), and will make a nice, handmade addition to stocking trimmings this Christmas morning. Continue Reading →

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Nordic Winter Centerpiece


I don’t know if it’s the rustic simplicity, the effortlessly cozy factor or my Nordic pride shining through, but I’m always inspired by the Scandinavian aesthetic, especially so this time of year. I made this Holiday centerpiece for our dining table using a flat wood piece we salvaged from an old textile loom that a local salvage and antique shop, Art & Architecture was selling off for parts. With just a couple drill holes, a few candles, and a snippet of velvet ribbon, I pulled together a simple and restrained centerpiece that we’ll use to deck the halls with Nordic flair this year. Continue Reading →

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