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[Make Your Own] Patterned Leggings


I love me a good pair of leggings. A mostly cotton blend with spandex for elasticity and retention, and of course ones that fit me just right.  When I’m not at work, I live in my leggings.  Yep, they’re crazy comfortable and perfect with over-sized flowy tops and sweaters and flats. What’s not to love?  So when my favorite pair began wearing through as they inevitably do, I decided to use them as a “pattern” and create a few more pairs that fit just like them, but this time using graphic fabric that I’ve been holding onto waiting for precisely this project to come along.

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Weekend DIY: Lattice Tote


I’m so excited to share a faux leather tote I’ve been working on! When I came across this crazy cool DIY leather plant hanger on Design Sponge, it got my wheels turning as I loved the shapes that were created simply by making slits in the leather. Since we’re not huge indoor plant people (other than the baby fiddle leaf fig tree that we affectionately call “Figgy”), I used the technique as inspiration, and created a tote instead.
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{Handmade} Mermaid Tear Pendants


We brought home a handful of pretty mermaid tears (sea glass pieces) that we collected this spring on the beach in Positano, and since we’ve gotten home, I’ve been looking for the right project to put them to good use (other than looking pretty in a jar on our end table). So I decided to pick a few of my favorites and turn them into mini sea glass pendants. I didn’t want to have to drill into the pebbles since they’re so small, so I used wire and strong adhesive instead, and I love how they turned out! Continue Reading →

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Apartment Scheming

Happy Monday! Ken and I are counting down the days until we move into our new place in the North Loop, and of course my mind is running wild placing furniture, brainstorming ideas on how to maximize the square footage (we’re downsizing slightly), and styling our new digs in a way that makes it feel like home. I’ve compiled a few ideas that have caught my eye: some are high end (dream on), others are surprisingly affordable, but all are swoon-worthy! francois_et_moi_apartment_scheming_home Continue Reading →

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A Fitger’s Affair


This past weekend Ken and I stopped in at Fitger’s while in Duluth for an obligatory (ha!) growler exchange at the Brewhouse. (Have you tried their Apricot Wheat Beer? It’s crazy good.) On our way out of the complex, we passed through the courtyard where we held our wedding reception 2 years prior and saw there was another wedding reception underway that evening. It brought back such fun memories of that night, so I thought I’d post a few photos and share our experience in case anyone is considering tying the knot in Duluth. Continue Reading →

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