DIY du Jour: 4 Light-hearted Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a pretty cheesy romantic holiday. I mean a little bit, right? If you’re not into the commercial schmoozie-ness this year, here are a few non-sappy, outside the box ways to celebrate the day.

Light-hearted Valentine's Day Ideas | Francois et Moi

  • Make latte heart art on your valentine’s morning coffee. I’ve watched several videos because I want to become a MASTER, and the video clip below is a pretty good tutorial.
  • Or if you don’t actually want to make lattes, pick them up à la coffee shop and add a “punny” note for your Gal-entines.
  • Make soft pretzels! They’re already in the shape of a heart, so they totally satisfy the “valentine’s theme.” What better way to celebrate V-day than with pretzels and craft beer? I mean really?
    • UPDATE: after reading all the reviews on the pretzel recipe above, I decided to make this pretzel recipe instead from Alton Brown instead. They were super good and straight forward to make. Definitely watch his video for extra tips!
  • If all else fails, pick up a handful of these vintage inspired “I AM LOVED” pins and sprinkle them around like pixie dust. #spreadthelove

Anti Valentine’s Day Ideas to Show the Love

PIN-IT-later4 Montage Photo Credit: Latte Photo | I Am Loved Photo


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