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It was a sad Thursday last November when my laptop decided it was the end of the road and crashed, taking with it about 6 years of travel photos, most of which my tech guy couldn’t recover. (A painstaking lesson in backing up, if I do say so!)

Luckily, I also use my iPhone quite a bit for snapshots when we travel and some of my all-time favorite photos are ones captured through Instagram. So I was really kind of pumped to find Inkdot, a group of fellow Mid-westerners (Chicagoland), who are turning those favorite Insta snapshots into art, getting them off your iPhone and into your home where you can enjoy them in a more meaningful way. Inkdot-Instagram-art-francois-et-moi

Square Instagram Prints | Francois et Moi

Custom Instagram Art | Francois et Moi Carousel Instagram Photo | Francois et Moi Surprisingly, iPhone photos an be blown up to any size so you can even create large scale, focal art with your snapshots if you like.

The other cool thing is they print on innovative materials like wood and metal, which add another layer of depth to the prints. The carousel shot we captured near the Eiffel Tower in Paris is printed on the wood substrate and the ink is slightly pearlized. It’s tough to see in the photos, but it’s so pretty the way it catches the light in our home! The scooter shot was captured in Positano and is printed on a white metal substrate giving it a fun, industrial edge.

Instagram Art | Francois et Moi The ordering process is quite simple: Just upload your photo and pick your substrate and size. Inkdot will take it from there, shipping out your custom piece in just a few days.

In addition to metal and wood, they also print on premium cold press paper, and in an effort to bring back the joy of printing, they’re offering a free print (to anyone!) for a limited time. So hop on over to Inkdot to order your free print!

Instagram Square Prints via Inkdot | Francois et Moi Sources: Custom Art: Inkdot | Pillows: Christopher Farr Cloth via Blended Blue | Kid Mohair Throw: Blended Blue

This post was made possible by Inkdot. All thoughts and ideas are my own.

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  • Aisha
    May 29, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    I lost all my photos on my phone last year, over a 1000 photos!! I cried for a week straight .. I know how you feel!
    I love these prints .. you take some awesome photos, friend! 🙂

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