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Lattice House Shelves

Fall is quickly approaching (tear!), so I decided to take a little hiatus from blogging and social media last week to enjoy what’s left of the season–our Minnesota summers are just too short and our winters are too brutally long not to! But I did still work on a few projects, so I guess I didn’t totally shut off. Check out these fun ‘house’ shelves perfect for displaying small plants and curiosities on the wall! lattice-house-shelves

cactus-shelf diy-house-shaped-shelf lattice-detail lattice-shelf2 straight shot (1 of 1)-36 Materials:

shelf-diy1 shelf-diy1 Draw a house shape 3 ‘squares’ up from the bottom of the screen, 3 ‘squares’ in from the left and 3 ‘squares’ in from the right. Use a dotted line for the bottom of the edge of the house. Extend the dotted line horizontally to the sides of the screen. Draw a parallel line 1/2 of a square down from the dotted line. Repeat on the other side. Then extend the vertical lines of the house down to the bottom edge of the screen.


Draw two notches flanking the apex of the roof. Then extend the vertical sides of the ‘house’  up by 3 squares, and at the top of the line draw a perpendicular line connecting it to the edge of the edge of the screen. Complete the square by drawing another horizontal line 3 squares down, parallel to the line just previously drawn. Repeat on the other side of the house.

Add a notch to the top edge of the left square.


Cut out the shape with scissors. Plus cut 1/2″ vertical slits to separate the bottom shelf plane from connector flaps at the bottom of each side plane. (Use a ruler as a straight edge to fold up sides and bottom of the ‘house’ at a 90 degree angle.

shelf-diy4 Fold the roof peaks in at a 45 degree angle. Then fold the roof tabs in at a 90 degree angle. shelf-diy5 Use industrial strength adhesive to adhere tabs to the house and secure with a binder clip until dry. Spray paint with your color of choice.




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  • Julie
    September 8, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    I walk by these things all the time at the hardware store and I’ve always wanted to do something with them! I love what you’ve done with them, it’s brilliant! Can’t wait to give it a try.

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