Printable Ombre Valentine: You Are Loved


Remember those old school buttons that radiantly proclaimed, “I Am Loved”? My Grandma gave me one when I was little, and somehow the phrase always stuck with me. Such a simple phrase with a clear message. Since the phrase “I am loved” is not the most appropriate phrase to write on your valentine’s valentine, I modified the phrase to read “You Are Loved,” and layered it on a pink ombre card with gilded cursive lettering, because who doesn’t love a gold and pink ombre card on V-day? Print them out, add a hint of gold leafing and hand out to your faves!

Valentine-Printable-Francois-et-Moi Materials:


1.  Print out the template and cut out card along light grey lines. Don’t cut the center grey line, this is the spine of the card.


2. Starting with the extra fine point Sharpie, trace the light grey letters. Follow up with the gold leafing pen for more metallic shimmer.


3. Place ruler on top of the face down card. Bend the card upwards using the light grey printed line as a guide for the crease.

4. Add personal sentiments on the inside of the card and deliver to your valentine!

Francois-et-Moi-You-Are-Loved-Printable   Valentine's-Day-Printable-Francois-et-Moi

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