Top DIY Projects of 2015

Wow. Today is the last Monday of 2015! The year always seem to just fly doesn’t it? When I started blogging 2 years ago, my main intent was simply to challenge myself creatively to make cool things and connect with other makers, but at the end of that first full year, I realized something fantastic that I hadn’t quite counted on.

As each year comes to close, we ask, “Where did this year go?”  Well after a full year of blogging, I could actually see where the year had gone. I could look back at my year of posts–little snapshots in time–and see the year documented. Being able to tangibly see where the year has gone is quite a treat, and I suspect that in ten years, I’ll savor these little snapshots all the more. Do you keep a journal or a blog? I’d love to hear how you measure the year.

Before I sign off today, I’d like to thank you for stopping by how ever often you do. I’m so very grateful for your enthusiasm and support of this little ‘maker’s project’, as absolutely none of it would be possible without you! Thank you a million times.

And with that said, here’s a look at the top DIY projects of 2015, as chosen by you guys! 

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Timber Side Table | Francois et Moi

10. Timber Side Table

Top DIY Projects of 2015: How Do You Measure a Year?

Top DIY Projects of 2015: X Shaped Coasters | Francois et Moi

9. X-Shaped Minimal Coasters

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Lattice House Shelves | Francois et Moi

8. Lattice House Shelves

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Faux Leather Keychains | Francois et Moi

7. Faux Leather Key Chains

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Winter Scented Candles | Francois et Moi

6. Essential Oil Winter Candles

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Hand-woven Paper Basket | Francois et Moi

5. Woven Paper Basket

A Year in Review: Top DIY Projects of 2015 Top DIY Projects of 2015: Mudcloth Planter | Francois et Moi

4. Mudcloth Planter

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Botanical Wall Hanging | Francois et Moi

3. Botanical Wall Hanging

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Pretty Face Seedling Starters | Francois et Moi

2. Pretty Face Seedling Starters

Top DIY Projects of 2015: Boho Lumbar Pillow | Francois et Moi

1. Boho Lumbar Pillow




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