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Swedish Candle Wreath DIY

I’m 50% Swedish + a mixture of Norwegian, Finnish and English in that order for the other 50%. So I always have my eye out for new Scandinavian decor and traditions we can include in our Holiday celebrations. This year I made a candle wreath Continue Reading →

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Timber Side Table DIY

I recently heard that studies show renters (though it’s a must have on their checklist) don’t actually use their unit balconies, which surprised me because Ken and I have always used the heck out of the balcony in all the places we’ve Continue Reading →

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Natural Holiday Decor Ideas


Alright, I know we haven’t reached Thanksgiving yet, but after our snowstorm earlier this week (and more snow on the way), I’ve been in the mood to begin preparing for the Holidays. You know that saying “The best designs are often the simplest?” Well in my opinion, Holiday decor is no exception. Continue Reading →

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Hello and Happy Monday! I apologize for the radio silence this past week. Things have been absolutely car-eh-zay over here. Lots of changes. In addition to Ken and I moving to a new place, Francois et Moi also moved…over to a self-hosted site that is! You might notice a few tweaks to the site design which hopefully make it easier to browse more content on the homepage with one swift scroll of the mouse. was a fantastic and user-friendly blogger’s jumping off point, but it was limiting in many ways, so I’m pumped to be able to stretch my little blogger legs and introduce different types of posts and additional plugins on to Francois et Moi. And also be ad-free for awhile. Eeek! So exciting. Continue Reading →

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