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Simple Stylings’ Bright & Renovated DIY Kitchen


I recently caught up with the lovely Summer Hogan, brains behind lifestyle site, Simple Stylings, and she was kind enough to share her stunning DIY kitchen remodel with me, along with insight into her design goals & the challenges she encountered amidst the process. What began as a need to replace some 15+ year old buckling linoleum, morphed into a full-blown gut remodel (as many home projects do!), and the result is equal parts beautiful and functional with a side of bright & happy. If you’re considering tackling a DIY kitchen remodel or just plain love a good BEFORE & AFTER, read on for loads of insight and inspiration.

Let’s start with a look at the BEFORE & the fully gutted space…

The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen. The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen.

And now for the AFTER: The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen. The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen.

 What were your main goals for the new kitchen design? My main goals were to create a beautiful space that is also functional for our family. A place where we talk, hang out and cook together. The bar and stools definitely help make the space conducive for that.

What was your biggest design challenge and how did you solve the issue? The biggest challenge for us was cabinets. Brand new custom cabinets were not in the budget and it didn’t make sense to put new countertops, appliances, etc in and leave or just paint the old cabinets. So we compromised and went with the off-the-shelf cabinets from Lowe’s and I stained them myself. I think they turned out great for a fraction of the cost and so far we’ve been happy with them.

What is your most favorite part about your new kitchen? My favorite element is the counter to ceiling subway tile with open shelving but the overall best part is how bright and happy it feels now.

The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen. The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen.


Such a gorgeous end result, right?! I can just imagine many a delicious weekend brunch taking place in here! Check out Summer’s blog, Simple Stylings, for the full DIY diary and thought process behind her design plan & material selections.

Photo Credit: Laura Sumrak (@laurasumrak)

The Before & After of Simple Stylings' Bright & Renovated DIY kitchen.



DIY Fabric Flag

Though I’m not exactly a boho style girl through and through, I am inspired by certain elements, like the easy, laid back, seemingly effortless style that is quintessential “bohemian.” Lately on Pinterest, I’ve been noticing walls draped in fabric and decided to put my own spin on the trend in the form of a fabric flag, which introduces the drapey fabric idea, but in a more creative, quirky, and perhaps a bit Frenchier way, as opposed to straight up boho. In case you’re looking to give your walls an update for Spring, my tutorial on how to make this baby is up over at Sugar & Cloth!

Create a relaxed, quirky, and perhaps a bit French vibe on your walls with Spring with a DIY fabric flag. Click for details! Continue Reading →


The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Home Smell Amazing

Is cabin fever starting to set in at your place? I can say without a doubt it’s definitely setting in over here. With the arrival of Bébé S in earlier this year, we’ve been harder pressed to get out of the house more so than we are most years. Bitter cold temps = extra bundling + planning. Amidst learning how to finesse our newborn parenting skills, let’s just say we aren’t getting out quite as frequently.

If you've got spring cleaning on the brain, and want to make your home smell amazing, check out the ultimate guide I created for Curbly. Continue Reading →

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Lace Applique Pillow

This last minute little pillow project came about as I sat down in the rocker one night taking in the progress we’d made in the nursery and while sitting there I noticed we needed a lumbar pillow for a little extra support in the lower back. The next day I started ideating what the pillow might look like and I remembered that right about the time we found out we were expecting, I had stumbled upon this beautiful baby swimsuit from Ox Eyed Baiby on Pinterest and fell in love with the yellow and white contrast, the lace, the handmade feel…all of it. I remembered being bummed at the time because the swimsuit was one of a kind, and no longer available. But now! 8 months later, it was the perfect inspiration for my lumbar pillow. It’s funny how inspiration works sometimes, isn’t it?

The technique for the pillow applique is really quite simple. It’s just a matter of cutting apart the lace, arranging the design on the pillow, and tacking it in place with needle and thread. The most difficult part is probably deciding how to place and space apart the lace! Read on for the full tutorial…

DIY a beautiful lace applique pillow for your home or nursery with bridal lace. Click for all the details! Continue Reading →


DIY Felt Message Banner (Video!)

As we designed the board & batten and selected the Nordic wallpaper for the nursery, the room began to take shape, and I knew I wanted to incorporate some black and white accents in the room to add contrast and help the look keep its edge. Originally, I’d made this banner with the intent of hanging it in a grouping above the crib, but as we furnished the room, I decided to keep things simple over there, and ended up moving the banner over to the closet door.

This little banner is a 30 minute project (maybe less–if you’re not filming a movie about it!), made fantastically simple by the invention of precut sticky-back felt letters, and can be customized to say whatever you’re drawn to. I decided on the French phrase “mon cœur” which translates to “my heart” in English because I’m a sentimental mom-to-be, need I say more?! Check out the 1 minute video and full instructions below on how to work up one of these babies for your place.

banner-1-of-1-18 Continue Reading →

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Francois Renovates: Nursery Sneak Peek

It’s been 6 weeks of renovation and the nursery is nearly finished! Today I’ve got a little peek of the room for you and want to talk specifically about the art we chose because it’s one of my favorite things in the room and honestly probably the easiest things to execute.

Once the old ice damage was fixed,  the board & batten and wallcovering were up, it was time to think about art, and we worked with Framebridge to make it happen.  Framing is their specialty, which means they have it down to a science, from the ordering process, to the personal note tucked in with each framed piece, to including the hardware needed to hang your specific piece. It’s obvious there’s a lot of thought and love that goes into their craft.

See the progress we've made with this week's "Francois Renovates." We're talking about art selections in this nursery sneak peek!

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DIY Snowball Pillow

Ah, behold the latent design power of the throw pillow. AKA soft little squares (or in this case, circles) of goodness that can single-handedly change the feeling or direction of a room, spark conversation, or soften an otherwise uninviting chair or nook. Yes folks, they’re magic when it comes to interior decor which is why they’re the easy answer to updating your space just enough to cure the restless, “I’m sick of my house” cabin fever that inevitably sets in this time of year.

Switch up your throw pillows with this easy DIY snowball pillow. Click for the tutorial! Continue Reading →

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Good Reminder DIY Notebook Cover

‘Tis that time of year when we’re busy making resolutions for the new year in an effort to make 2017 the best one yet. Did you guys make any goals? One of the things I really want to accomplish is being more present and less plugged into my iPhone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a blogger, so emailing, Instagramming, Pinteresting, & Tweeting very much come with the territory. But with our first baby arriving in weeks, I want to make sure I can find a manageable balance between the two.

Add an inspiring phrase to your everyday notebook cover to help you achieve your new year resolution. Click for all the details! Continue Reading →

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