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Francois Renovates: Nursery Get the Look

As promised, today I’ve got all the sources used to create the nursery look compiled in one place! You may notice we stayed pretty true to the original concept board with the exception of the crib, accessories and some of the art. The yellow applique pillow, mobile, knot pillow and doorknob banner are DIY’s that will be coming at ya (some) as video tutorials in the month of February, so stay tuned! If you missed the full reveal and video tour, head here to check it out.


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Francois Renovates: The Nursery Before & After! (Video)

Today is the big day! We’ve been working hard to renovate the nursery and after several weeks I’m excited and relieved to say it’s done. And just in the nick of time might I add: our due date is less than 2 weeks away! At the beginning of this process, I had no idea what I wanted this space to look like, only that I wanted it to feel Nordic, fun and playful, a space that might spark imagination and foster creativity. 

When we found out we were having a girl, I have to admit my mind immediately went towards the color pink: girly pink with white and neutrals. But the more visual research I did on Pinterest, the more I came to the realization that Ken and I don’t even really like the color pink. And we all know the baby doesn’t have a preference what her room looks like yet, so why not create a space that we’ll enjoy spending long hours rocking our little one to sleep in. Let’s kick things off with what this room looked like BEFORE, shall we?

After 6 weeks of renovation, the space is complete! Come check out Francois Renovates' Nursery Before & After. Psst...there's a video!

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Francois Renovates: 2016 Home Projects (Before & After!)

A look back through the 2016 home projects we tackled this year. Click for the before & afters!

With a full year of home projects under our belts (and because I’m pregnant and unapologetically sentimental right now), I decided to take a look back through everything we’ve tackled in this house so far. Seeing it all rounded up in one place, I almost couldn’t believe how far we’ve come since closing in July of 2015. Though much of the main kitchen and the upstairs apartment kitchen renovations (we have an upstairs apartment that we rent out) were tackled at the end of 2015, finishing touches and the actual blog posts went up in 2016, so I decided to include these spaces as well. I’ve linked each before/after pairing back to the original post in case you want to see more or are looking for a product source. I hope you enjoy the walk back through this year’s home projects as much as I did!

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Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath

This post is part of an ongoing series, Francois Renovates. Find the other posts in this series Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.

Good Monday Morning! Today I’ve got the bed & bath areas of our home to share. The bulk of our updates took place in the Kitchen, Living Room & Dining Rooms, & the Upstairs Apartment, so not a ton of work has been done in these areas, shy of setting them up functionally. But, I think it’s fun seeing how other people live (because I’m nosy!), so I’m sharing the bed & bath areas of the home in case you’re anything like me!

Next on my to-do list is to paint (or maybe wallpaper?!) our bedroom. It’s the same color as when we purchased the place, so I’m not sure of the color name, but I call it builder beige. While it’s innocuous, this room faces North, so I’d like to brighten the walls up in here a bit. I think Ken is enjoying the fact that it’s one of the only rooms in the house that’s not white. I, of course, feel the opposite. When in doubt, paint it white I say!

Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath   Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath

Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath   Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath

The Bed & Bath Areas of Our New Home

The personality of the original bathroom floor tile was one of the things I fell in love over when we bought this house. It’s just not something that’s easy to find these days. Someday, I’d love to replace the vanity with a console similar to this bad boy, switch out the sconces to something more modern, and update the faucet/hardware to unpolished brass. All in due time though. Due time.

Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath

Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath

My studio is another spot in the house that hasn’t gotten a ton of love yet, other than getting a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore “White” on the walls. Now that I’m looking at this photo, I’m realizing just how badly this space is in need of a big rug. But for right now the brightly lit space is purely functional, and I’m choosing to be okay with that.

If I’m really telling the whole story, we also have a 3rd bedroom that functions as a guest room and storage room equally. Nothing to see there, as of yet. We’ll get there though!

Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath PIN-IT-later4 Francois Renovates: Bed & Bath


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This post is part of an ongoing series, Francois Renovates. Find the other posts in this series Here, Here, Here, Here & Here.


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