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3 Tips for Selecting Nursery Window Coverings

Before becoming a parent, I had no idea just how important window treatments were in nurseries. Aside from their appearance (though that’s pretty high up there too), it’s their functionality that make them an essential part of daily routines with a babe.

When we converted our guestroom into the nursery last year, we kept the inexpensive white blinds from the guestroom, because they were only about a year old, and seemed as though they’d work well enough in the nursery too. Little did we know they just weren’t going to cut it, especially as we began trying to help our daughter, Sylvia, learn day from night and her bedtime became earlier and earlier.

If you’re nursery planning for a bun that’s in the oven, or looking to update existing shades in your little one’s room, read on as I’m teaming up with window treatment experts, Premier Curtain Studio, to highlight 3 key things to consider when picking out nursery shades!

Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime.


  • Fast, One Hand Maneuverability – When looking for window treatments, do yourself a favor and choose ones that are designed to make opening and closing them (something you do several times a day) easy and fast. Our old, blinds were able to be drawn/closed with one hand, but winding that long cord up on the wall hook (so it wasn’t left puddled on the floor) took what seemed like an eternity when I had a crying, tired baby in my other arm. And don’t get me started on the crooked way the old blinds would stack when pulled up!
  • Cordless Design – Window shades with accessible pull cords can pose a safety hazard for little ones as they begin moving around on their own. Go cordless for peace of mind that your little one’s room is a safe space for them to play as well as sleep.
  • Black Out Lining – Especially during Summer months, little ones usually need to hit the hay before the sun goes down. Black out lining is a opaque fabric layer that’s sewn into the shade or drapery panel and provides extra daylight blocking power. Some babies also seem to nap a little better during the day with a darkened room, so it’s a definitely a feature worth considering!


Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime.

After 3 months of taping classy, black garbage bags over our blinds, as recommended by our pediatrician, until we could invest in black out lined shades, we have finally upgraded to a beautiful set of cordless roman shades with black out linings from Premier Curtain Studio for Sylvia’s room, and they make such a huge impact in how the nursery looks and functions.

Premier Curtain Studio is a custom and semi-custom fabricator specializing in window treatments, pillows and ottomans. As someone who sews, I’m very aware of the skill and attention to detail that goes into crafting window treatments, and I’m super impressed with the quality of our shades. I also love that they’re made here in the US.

We chose Linen in color Dove for the shade which is a poly/linen blend and has the look of natural, undyed linen. Very nuanced yarns and texture. I’d recommend ordering samples (they’re free!) to get a sense of the look and feel of the fabric. Digital pictures just don’t do their beautiful fabric options justice.

Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime. Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime.

  Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime.

Professional Details. The cordless shades have this genius, discreet mesh loop at the inside bottom that makes it easy to operate the shade without having to pull down on the shade fabric which could collect hand oils over time.

Learn what to look for when picking nursery window coverings to help make everyday life easier when it comes to naps and bedtime.

This post was created in partnership with Premier Curtain Studio. All opinions are my own.

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Lace Applique Pillow

This last minute little pillow project came about as I sat down in the rocker one night taking in the progress we’d made in the nursery and while sitting there I noticed we needed a lumbar pillow for a little extra support in the lower back. The next day I started ideating what the pillow might look like and I remembered that right about the time we found out we were expecting, I had stumbled upon this beautiful baby swimsuit from Ox Eyed Baiby on Pinterest and fell in love with the yellow and white contrast, the lace, the handmade feel…all of it. I remembered being bummed at the time because the swimsuit was one of a kind, and no longer available. But now! 8 months later, it was the perfect inspiration for my lumbar pillow. It’s funny how inspiration works sometimes, isn’t it?

The technique for the pillow applique is really quite simple. It’s just a matter of cutting apart the lace, arranging the design on the pillow, and tacking it in place with needle and thread. The most difficult part is probably deciding how to place and space apart the lace! Read on for the full tutorial…

DIY a beautiful lace applique pillow for your home or nursery with bridal lace. Click for all the details! Continue Reading →

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Serene & Minimal Nursery Design: Get the Look!

As you guys know, any time I feature an interiors project on Francois et Moi, I always do an accompanying ‘Get the Look’ post to make it easy to call out each element used in creating the design. And today is no different! Get the look for Luxe + Lillies’ serene nursery feature (Missed it? See it here!) with the thorough round-up below. I’m especially smitten with the handmade wire deer head and gold piggy bank! Get the full round up of sources for this serene & minimal nursery!


a. Swaddle Blankets b. Wire Deer Head c. bamboo shade d. little boys print  e. mini crib f. crib sheet g. book ledge  h. wire basket i. glider j. side table k. harem pants l. baby moccasins m. deer head print n. cross print o. gold piggy bank p. changer q. dresser



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Luxe + Lillies’ Minimal & Serene Nursery

It’s my absolute pleasure to share with you the newly completed nursery of brand strategist & the brains behind Luxe + Lillies, Keely Hirschmann. Keely and I first connected through Instagram and bonded over our 1-month-apart due dates + a mutual love for crisp, minimal design. She’s the kind of person, where 5 minutes into meeting her,  you feel like you’ve already been friends your entire life.

One afternoon over lunch in late December, she showed me an iPhone snap of how her nursery was coming together, and my knee jerk response was to ask if I could share the space on Francois et Moi. I love the minimalist approach Keely took with clean, white walls and furnishings, balanced with natural textures and playful accents. What a lucky baby, wouldn’t you say? I hope you have as much fun as I have exploring the nursery and learning a bit about Keely and her design inspiration for the room!

Load up nursery inspiration with Luxe + Lillies' minimal and serene nursery! Click over for every detail including sources!

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Francois Renovates: Nursery Get the Look

As promised, today I’ve got all the sources used to create the nursery look compiled in one place! You may notice we stayed pretty true to the original concept board with the exception of the crib, accessories and some of the art. The yellow applique pillow, mobile, knot pillow and doorknob banner are DIY’s that will be coming at ya (some) as video tutorials in the month of February, so stay tuned! If you missed the full reveal and video tour, head here to check it out.


Are you getting your nursery ready? Come check out all the sources we used to achieve our nursery look! Continue Reading →

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Francois Renovates: The Nursery Before & After! (Video)

Today is the big day! We’ve been working hard to renovate the nursery and after several weeks I’m excited and relieved to say it’s done. And just in the nick of time might I add: our due date is less than 2 weeks away! At the beginning of this process, I had no idea what I wanted this space to look like, only that I wanted it to feel Nordic, fun and playful, a space that might spark imagination and foster creativity. 

When we found out we were having a girl, I have to admit my mind immediately went towards the color pink: girly pink with white and neutrals. But the more visual research I did on Pinterest, the more I came to the realization that Ken and I don’t even really like the color pink. And we all know the baby doesn’t have a preference what her room looks like yet, so why not create a space that we’ll enjoy spending long hours rocking our little one to sleep in. Let’s kick things off with what this room looked like BEFORE, shall we?

After 6 weeks of renovation, the space is complete! Come check out Francois Renovates' Nursery Before & After. Psst...there's a video!

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Francois Renovates: Nursery Sneak Peek

It’s been 6 weeks of renovation and the nursery is nearly finished! Today I’ve got a little peek of the room for you and want to talk specifically about the art we chose because it’s one of my favorite things in the room and honestly probably the easiest things to execute.

Once the old ice damage was fixed,  the board & batten and wallcovering were up, it was time to think about art, and we worked with Framebridge to make it happen.  Framing is their specialty, which means they have it down to a science, from the ordering process, to the personal note tucked in with each framed piece, to including the hardware needed to hang your specific piece. It’s obvious there’s a lot of thought and love that goes into their craft.

See the progress we've made with this week's "Francois Renovates." We're talking about art selections in this nursery sneak peek!

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Francois Renovates: Wrath of the Nursery Ice Dams

Good Afternoon! I’m back with an update on what’s been happening in the nursery. As you know, we suspected some water damage on the west wall due to decades of ice dams, and as we pulled back the lath and plaster, we found some extremely rotted, uninsulated 2×4’s that needed replacing. However, no moisture or signs of mold as there was also a little hole in the exterior plaster that we’re assuming allowed everything to dry over the years. The plan was to replace the wall’s 2×4’s, insulate and dry wall, but before we could get started, we had to address the drooping ceiling crest.

Check in on Part 3 of our 6 week nursery design project. This week we're addressing decades old ice dams. Click to see how we fixed the issue. Continue Reading →

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