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A Perfectly Plaid Holiday Table

After an insanely fun media console styling session last month, Tasha from Tchotchkes Interior Design and I have teamed up again to bring a little nostalgic yuletide inspiration to Holiday gatherings this season.  This time we’ve brought Retro Wanderlust (the shop in the Minneapolis area for all things vintage home) along for the ride and challenged ourselves to think beyond the quintessential red and green palette and instead focus on less ‘in-yo-face’ festive cues like greenery, Holiday motifs, cozy textures, and candlelight to bring home the warm, merry appeal. Below we’re talking through how we arrived at this look, so you can recreate for your own gathering!

Inspiration for a non-traditional, yet nostalgic Holiday table in collaboration with Tchotchkes Design Studio. Christmas entertaining at its finest! Continue Reading →

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Birthday Sparkler Source

unnamed (3)

A few people have inquired where I scored these crazy sparkler birthday candles for Ken’s birthday, so I thought I’d share! I had to do a bit of research to find these, because I wasn’t quite sure what they were actually called. I’d really only heard of them being served atop desserts in french restaurants for birthday celebrations, and wasn’t even sure they were sold in the US. In the end, I was happy to find them at Custom Sparx, a Florida company that specializes in custom sparklers. They’re available in a ton of colors, and I stocked up on a few extra gold ones for my party stash, so they’d be versatile for any event we wanted to use them for in the future. Continue Reading →

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Graphic Heart Photo Backdrop


Throwing a Valentine’s Day Party? Check out this low cost, high impact Valentine’s Day photo backdrop that you can easily put together in under 15 minutes using only paper plates and strong adhesive tape. I used heart shaped plates from Target, but with all the paper plate designs out there, this backdrop could easily translate to any party theme. Continue Reading →

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New Years Eve Dreaming

Last year, Ken and I threw a big New Years Bash with lots of balloons, silly hats and the quintessential NYE noise makers. This year, we’re looking forward to a much more low key evening: a night à la maison with another couple, Cards Against Humanity, and a little champagne to go around. Though we’re taking it easy this year,  there’s no harm in doing a little dreaming as to what I would do if we were to host a party, is there? Below is the visual inspiration for the the party I’m throwing…in my dreams, of course.


7. Tassle Garland, 6. Empress Dress + Torch Lake Bib Necklace, 5. Hermes Tray + Bar, 4. Sparkling Moonriver Pumps, 3. Oysters, 2. Mini Pinata Bowties, 1. Sparkler Macarons at Midnight

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