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A Few Key Sources: Part 1

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I thought I’d share some of our sources from the shower in case you’re throwing a shower of your own! Part One is all about the DIY Wood Blocks. Here’s what you need to know:

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The DIY Wood Blocks project is a great replacement for shower games and is a fun, extra little gift for the mom-to-be and baby. All you need are paint pens or permanent markers, unfinished wood blocks, alphabet stencils, scissors, and masking tape.


           Paint Pens | Unfinished Wood Blocks | Alphabet Stencils

Prep: Prior to the shower, cut the alphabet stencil in between the letters and numbers, so that each letter/number is it’s own little stencil.


At the Shower: Designate a “station” for block decorating. Use masking tape to hold the stencil in place while coloring it in. To prevent the paint from bleeding underneath the stencil, it seemed best to work quickly when coloring in the stencil. Then remove the stencil right away afterwards.


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