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Dream Nesting

Ken and I have been talking about putting down roots and buying a home in Minneapolis for a while now, and I think we’re reaching the point where we’re ready to hit the pavement and start house hunting once we return from our trip abroad. The little looking we’ve done has made it pretty clear that in order to be in the area we want to be in, we’ll need to buy a home that will require some serious gutting and renovating.   Between Ken’s commercial contracting experience and my interiors background,  we’re excited about the challenge to find a property and turn it into a place that meets our needs and really feels like home.

This weekend I dove into my Maison and Homewares Pinterest Boards and starting dreaming about what I’d love our next place to feel like. When discussing what we’re looking for it often comes up that we don’t need or want a large home, but rather one that functions efficiently for the way we live. A home that feels uncluttered, classic, but also modern, and WHITE with plenty of natural elements…


Entry | Dining


Kitchen | Pantry


Kitchen | Built-in


Kitchen | Open Shelving


Reading Nook | Dining Space


Console Nook | Living Room

unnamed (15)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree | Desk Area

unnamed (1)



Bathroom Photo | Florals

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  • Grandma Annie
    April 7, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Looks wonderful!!

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