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Graphic Heart Photo Backdrop


Throwing a Valentine’s Day Party? Check out this low cost, high impact Valentine’s Day photo backdrop that you can easily put together in under 15 minutes using only paper plates and strong adhesive tape. I used heart shaped plates from Target, but with all the paper plate designs out there, this backdrop could easily translate to any party theme.



  • Two – 8 ct packs  of heart shaped paper plates: I picked these up at Target. Since they’re a seasonal item, they’re only available in stores.
  • Strong adhesive tape. Ideally, duct tape works best, because of the strong adhesive. However, it can leave behind a residue, so if you use packing tape or making tape, you’ll want to use a lot of it to make sure the hearts stay adhered to the wall during the party.

IMG_2627 IMG_2531


1. I started by placing all the plates upside down (red side face down) and sticking a bubble of duct tape on the back of each, so they’d be ready for quick access. If you’re using packing tape or masking tape, you’ll want to several bubbles of tape.

2. I eyeballed the center of the wall, and placed four plates “point” side facing in toward the center of the wall. Then I placed a plate “point” side facing inward at each of the four “corners.” See the above image on the left.

3. Next I placed a plate, scallop side facing in toward the center, at the top center, bottom center, right center, and left center to create a mirror image of the 4 plates I placed in the first part of Step 2. See the above image on the right.


4. Lastly, I placed a plate at each of the outermost corners, creating a mirror image of each heart placed in the second part of Step 2.


  • The size of your wall will dictate how much space to leave between plates. Here the plates are spaced roughly 6″ apart. Whatever you decide for the spacing, just make sure it’s consistent.


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