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Valentine’s Photo Booth Tour


Instead of the ol’ flowers and fine dining routine, switch things up this Valentine’s Day and plan a photo booth crawl around the city with your valentine! Here’s how it works:

  1. Do a Google search to find where the photo booths are located in your city.
  2. Create a route or plan of action.
  3. Raid your change jar or stop by the bank to pick up a few rolls of quarters in case the old-tyme machines don’t take credit cards.
  4. Set out on your city tour by hopping from photo booth to photo booth, collecting your photo reels as you go.
  5. If you want to build dinner into the night, order up something off the menu to share at each place. For the first stop–an appetizer, the second stop–a salad, the third–a main dish, you get the idea. It’s like a progressive dinner with the photo booth leading the way.

At the end of the night you’ll have a collection of photo reels to tell the story of Valentine’s Day 2014!


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